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Building toward a healthier future

Alvee’s mission is to achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the overall health of all people.

Alvee does this by activating data so that users are empowered to proactively identify at risk populations and provide interventions at the right time, so that we can prevent patients from getting sick in the first place.

The love of helping others

Alvee means "knowledgeable friend" and that embodies the true intent of the application. Alvee reflects the love of helping others and the belief in humanity.

By helping to reduce disparities and promote more equitable care, alvee has the opportunity to revolutionize whole-person care, improve the health and wellbeing of millions, and save billions of dollars in healthcare spending.

AI in Healthcare

Despite most healthcare organizations storing data in an EHR for over a decade, there have been significant challenges in accessing and using this data.

Alvee leverages its powerful rules engine and machine learning models to act as a data fabric to help healthcare organizations activate their data in ways not possible before. With usable data the possibilities are limitless and we can finally bring functional AI to healthcare.

At alvee, we are fundamentally changing the way that healthcare is delivered. Health disparities are just the beginning. If we can prevent people from getting sick, help them to get healthier, and ensure all receive equal care, our world will be a better place.

Alvee DEI Statement

At Alvee, we're on a mission to eliminate health disparities and inequity. Alvee is committed to building a team with diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and views because it’s at the core of who we are and what we do. Diversity drives innovation. Varied and authentic perspectives help us to generate the best ideas to solve the complex problem of health inequity.

We celebrate and embrace team members from all backgrounds to help bring our vision of equitable care for all to life.

Our Team

With our combined health tech, EHR, start-up, and data science experience,  our team is uniquely positioned to build exceptional ai-driven software that will effectively address health inequity.

We bring a wealth of knowledge in both EHR integration and data, and in cybersecurity    to ensure our product is HIPAA compliant. We have successfully scaled businesses in the past, and know how to build healthcare technology that works well for end-users in the payer and provider spaces.

Nicole Cook

Founder & CEO

Nicole Cook is a health tech innovator and entrepreneur. She spent 7 years at Epic where she worked with dozens of health systems across the country helping them to implement their EHR system. Prior to starting alvee, Nicole worked at digital health startup, SameSky Health, where she helped to scale both the team and revenue by over 10x. Her combined EHR, clinical, and startup experience give her unique insights into interoperability, as well as using data and technology to drive impact.

Phil Lerner


Phil Lerner is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. His resume includes an impressive list of senior technology leadership roles and companies including: a former distinguished engineer with UnitedHealth Group, CISO roles with BIDMC and the NYPD, technical lead at Cisco, and an adjunct associate professor in healthcare cybersecurity at St. John’s University for a decade. Phil has experience at all stages of company growth (seed to IPO) and is an expert in cyber security, cloud infrastructure, data privacy and data science.

Courtney Bonewitz

Business Operations Analyst

Courtney brings forth effective communicative strategies, competence in statistical and documentation analysis, and collaboration skills that she developed while working clinically and experimentally in an oncology research lab. She obtained a B.S. in Neuroscience and a Certificate in Writing, giving her a breadth of experience in editing, analyzing, and writing both scientific and creative content, as well as gaining her an expansive repository of knowledge in various sectors of the sciences.

Diego Rogerio da Cunha

Sr. Software Engineer

Diego Rogerio da Cunha is a highly motivated Sr. DevOps Engineer  with over 10 years of experience. He has expertise in project management, software development, and team leadership, amd skilled in Critical Environments and deep understanding of software development life cycle. Diego holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and AWS certification. He is passionate about technology, and ready for new challenges to expand knowledge and skills.

Mat Guimaraes

Software Engineer

Mat has experience with full-stack development, and interest in Distributed Systems, AI, and Modern Web Technologies. Before that, he researched and published five papers in Computer Vision and Machine Learning while finishing his Computer Science degree.

Dr. Rehan Choudhry

Data Scientist

Dr. Rehan Choudhry is a highly experienced data scientist with 16 years of expertise in data-intensive applications. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and  Natural Language Processing. Throughout his career, he has published numerous impact factor papers in international peer-reviewed journals and has made significant contributions to the field. With a deep understanding of the power and potential of data and AI, he is a valuable asset to alvee, looking to leverage these technologies to drive growth and success.

Rajinder Mavi

Data Scientist

Rajinder has 9+ years of experience in mathematical modeling and research. His academic career includes research positions at University of Virginia and Michigan State University, 15 research papers in top journals, and delivering several academic talks internationally. His research interests include spectral theory, mathematical physics, and mathematical biology. He is excited about applications of mathematics and artificial intelligence in the medical field and joined Alvee to help build our core data science products.


Director of Morale Boosting

At the heart of our operations is Penny, ensuring that every day at alvee is a good day. When she's not snoozing under someone's desk, she's sharing her latest toy or is the go-to for stress-relief cuddles. Penny's unwavering dedication to keeping tails wagging and spirits lifted is an essential part of our team's dynamic. She believes that a belly rub a day keeps the doctor away.


Dr. Ayesha Khan


Ayesha Khan is a practicing EmergencyPhysician, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and the Director for the Social Emergency Medicine and Health Equity Section in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine. Her academic work is in refugee and minority populations in the United States and the social conditions that impact health in these settings. She created and co-hosts Announce,a podcast on Social EM, relevant to today’s emergency physician. She is passionate about improving healthcare delivery, and committed to improving health services for our populations.

Abner Mason

Founder & CEO

Abner Mason has spent decades working to reduce barriers to care faced by underserved people. He has served on President Bushʼs Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, as Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor of Massachusetts, and as part of the Biden-Harris Campaign Policy Committee. He currently sits on the Boards of Manifest MedEx and the California Black Health Network, is a member of United States of Careʼs Founders Council, and the American Medical Associationʼs External Equity and Innovation Advisory Group. He is also the founder of Health Tech 4 Medicaid.

DeAnna Minus-Vincent

Health Equity Thought Leader

Deanna Minus-Vincent is the former Chief Health Equity Officer of RWJBarnabas and a health equity thought-leader. Drawing from a broad range of lived and learned experiences, DeAnna has tackled the toughest issues plaguing our country today—equity, poverty, housing, health, and education, just to name a few. DeAnna has created programs that move individuals along their pathway, but believes that the most sustainable change happens when we work across sectors to re-engineer fractured systems; in so doing we can exponentially impact the lives of many…in so doing we can create change.

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